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Right, so let’s get this clear from the off… DJ Oli is a badass DJ. There, we said it.

A swear word right at the start, but hey, in the case of DJ Oli, it is truly deserved.

Who on earth is DJ Oli we hear you cry? Well we say, “where have you been?”.

DJ Oli first appeared on SDRadio a few months back after being introduced to the station by DJ Mark Mcconville. Mark told us all about this young lad in the Lake District who has mastered the art of DJing using eye recognition technology. HANG ON, WHAT?

That’s right, DJ Oli uses adaptive software from Virtual DJ that allows him to control the music using his eyes. Just let that one sink in for a minute… Okay, so you are getting your head round that we’ll continue, but be warned there’s more head twisting stuff to come.

Oli has now DJ’d on the station three times and always manages to bring a decent size crowd with him. Let’s not mention the fact that he had so many listeners during the funday, he broke the chatroom, (it upsets the IT support crew).

So why did we have a DJ Oli funday on the station? Firstly, we wanted to put the spotlight on this amazing young DJ for the day. Hope you are now ready for another amazing Oli fact… Oli has a wheelchair that he controls using a head switch. We know… WOW! He also speaks via a computer using his eyes.

Oli has a Go Fund Me page ( running to raise funds to buy a brand new, x8 off road wheelchair. Having this new wheelchair would be life changing for Oli as it gives him the ability to travel on any surface. This means Oli could DJ in a muddy field in the middle of the Lake District without fear of getting stuck. Result!

So what did SDRadio do on the Oli Funday?

To begin, we asked all the DJ’s who would be up for doing a show during the Saturday. Pretty much every DJ showed interest in running a show that day.

We created a schedule for the day and most DJ’s had an hour slot. During each show the DJ’s made it all pretty light-hearted and fun and of course not forgetting to mention DJ Oli along the way. Many had created games especially for the funday with lots of requests and shoutouts to listeners and their families.

We kicked off at 9am with DJ Azz and went right through to midnight. There were so many handovers that day, but it all went off without a hitch (don’t mention Oli breaking the chatroom, Lol).

Full DJ’s on rotation were

DJ Azz


Dan, Sidekick Stan and DJ Penny

Ben Welsh

Dave Octave

Scott and DJ Ezza

DJ ScottE

Mad Money

Pauly Dee

DJ Oli

Mark Mconville


Tom Goulding

By the end of play we had managed to raise nearly £1000 through the amazing generosity of SDRadio listeners.

We’ve heard since from Oli’s dad that a local charity has agreed to pay the remainder of money to buy the off-road wheelchair, which is wonderful news.

With huge thanks to Mark Mcconville for introducing DJ Oli to the station. He brings a whole lot of love and talent to the station and we are truly blessed to have him as part of the SDR family. His set on the funday was delivered to perfection and was full of fun and at times quite emotional… someone must have been cutting onions at one point! The feedback was unbelievable from the listeners and we are so looking forward to Oli’s next set on SDR.

Did we mention Oli broke the chatroom?


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